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Yves Mirabaud

Yves Mirabaud is a senior partner at the eponymous Genevan wealth manager and has responsibility for wealth management across all Private Banking activities. He is also the head of a team providing fiduciary advice and counsel to families, charitable foundations, and business owners holding complex assets. He is responsible for developing and implementing the strategy of the Mirabaud Group in Switzerland.

In an interview, Yves Mirabaud told Finews about his views on the French economy and the European debt crisis. He believes the country is facing difficult times and needs to focus on exports and reducing its deficit. He stated that Mirabaud puts its clients’ interests first regarding complex assets. He says that his firm acts as a fiduciary and gives advice that is in the best interest of its clients.

He advises clients with complex assets to collaborate with an adviser with expertise in these fields, particularly in philanthropy, business succession, and family offices. He thinks the government needs to look at ways of dealing with the current economic situation and thinks that large families are feeling the effects of the economy.

The Mirabaud Group CEO said that rich generations face the issue of philanthropic giving to their children’s generation because they have more wealth and want to give it to people with less. He said there needs to be a debate on how much wealth is appropriate for philanthropic giving.

He also thinks professional wealth management firms will be affected by the crisis, although they are in a much better position than individuals who have been hit by high unemployment. He sees Switzerland as the go-to place for the financial services industry and thinks that Genevan benefits from its reputation as a top player. Yves Mirabaud said that he believes there is growth in wealth management, and he is not concerned about the European debt crisis at this point. See related link to learn more.


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