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Richard DeVaul Redefines Innovation

The term innovation has, over time, been misunderstood and consequently led to the loss of what it means to be innovative. However, Richard DeVaul is committed to change this notion. As an innovation consultant, he has discovered that most business owners and chief executive officers he works for lack a comprehensive understanding of the term itself. They relate innovation to creation which is not the case.

Richard DeVaul is an innovation consultant known for establishing and leading projects that led to millions of dollars of enterprise at value X, previously known as Google X.

Richard is also a research scientist with operational, engineering and executive experience. Richard DeVaul possesses excellent communication skills and a well-established applied physics and math background.

Richard DeVaul argues that innovation is about destruction and not creation. Although this might seem contradictory, he says that innovation involves the destruction of the existing order of things, which is why many industries will trend away from innovation as it calls for the destruction of the foundation they have built for a long period.

Richard DeVaul believes that business leaders will be better positioned to bring about innovation in their organizations once they understand the meaning of the term innovation. According to him, innovation radically destroys the old ways. Organizations should reevaluate and reformulate their structures while sacrificing existing opportunities to embrace innovation.

Further, Richard DeVaul notes that if a business wants to approach innovation offensively, the leaders should understand that the potential upside considerably outweighs the cost of failure. He adds that organizations should consider several factors before putting up strategies for adopting innovation, such as the implications it has on the business. Richard DeVaul believes that the first step of adopting innovation is understanding the true definition of innovation as a disruptive change in the industry. Read this article, to learn more.


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