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Resource Central: Quentin Flannery

Quentin Flannery has become one of the world’s foremost experts when it comes to the resources market. He has been able to take a look at things and know if it is a good deal or not. He has worked his way up the ladder of success. Quentin Flannery is the head of many companies in Australia and gives back to charities across the continent. Now he is talking about copper and a new company called Metallic Minerals.


Investor and entrepreneur Quentin Flannery says that copper is the new oil when it comes to the resources market. Just recently, he has attached an outstanding and thorough report that details why copper is good for the planet as well as the pocketbook for investors. Quentin Flannery explains that it can mean that the price may eventually go up so people better get it while it is hot. Another post on his Medium account talks about a company called Metallic Minerals. They have had the campaign to build a sand dune of silica near Cape Flattery. 


It will allow the company to be able to be a part of the solar panel market. Being able to harvest silica sand can make all the difference when it comes to future projects. Under the leadership of Quentin Flannery, the company has raised almost five million dollars for the project and is glad to team up with a company like Ilwella. This is how Quentin Flannery gets ahead of the game. He is able to help companies with projects while keeping an eye on the planet as well. It makes him quite happy.

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