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Portuguese Towns Attracting Foreign Buyers, Energizing Real Estate Experts Like Luis Horta e Costa

Luis Horta e Costa is a self-made real estate agent in Portugal, who has succeeded in what was once the most challenging market for foreigners to enter. In his long and arduous work experience, he has faced many challenges. One of them was persuading the government to install rules that allow Portugal’s vacation homes or apartments to be sold to foreigners without the obligation of having roots or nationalities in any E.U member state country. This new legislation, passed in 2010, has been acclaimed mainly by foreign investors and real estate agencies. According to Horta e Costa, here are Portugal’s top-selling areas for vacation homes.

  1. Porto is Much More than Wine

Porto is Portugal’s second-largest city, where the Caves of Gaia are. These old cellars boast some of the best ports in the world. Apart from wine, there’s no questioning that Porto offers a lot more, says Luis Costa. The city boasts coastal charm and is steeped in history. The local cuisine is equally enticing for tourists who want to experience gastronomy presented in the traditional manner of this part of Europe. The city’s real estate market continues to boom as foreigners pour in. Last year saw a massive jump in the number of foreigners buying homes in this city. The reason is that they have finally taken the time to discover its potential and are now doing their best to turn it into big business.

  1. Luis Horta e Costa and Others Adore Cascais

According to Luis Horta e Costa, the great thing about Cascais is that it’s only a 20-minute train ride from Lisbon. This means that tourists and investors can quickly get to Portugal’s capital without sacrificing Cascais’s desirable features. A less critical plus for this seaside town is that it boasts plenty of restaurants and bars catering to all palates. It is not just about seafood or Portuguese cuisine; the amount and variety of international foods available are second to none.

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