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Peter Vitale Believes Teenage Drivers Should Have Instructors to Guide them for the First Few Trips on the Road

Immediately after undergoing some basic driving skills, Peter Vitale notes that a huge number of teenage drivers start driving on the roads alone, this is very dangerous. This is something that has been happening in Michigan for very many decades, and there has been very little attention that has been given to the matter. There is nothing that can be used because such individuals know how to drive, and they have all the necessary licenses.

However, Peter Vitale is concerned by the fact that most of the young drivers who have been undertaking the first trips on the road do not know the most appropriate techniques and strategies that can help them to deal with most of the difficult situations that are likely to emerge on the roads. This is one of the significant reasons why there has been an increase in the number of accidents that have been caused by some young drivers in Michigan.

The best way to go about this issue is to make sure that an individual has an instructor who will be helping them to deal with most of the issues on the road, especially on the first few trips. This is something that Peter Vitale incorporated when he started driving on Michigan roads. There are other people who have also been incorporating this idea as they feel they need to be assisted by most experienced drivers.

It is essential to indicate that most of the young drivers have a perception that they can do everything. However, their basic training is not enough to make sure that they are handling all the problems they are facing on the road with ease. The best way for such young drivers is to force them to have an instructor in the first few trips while on the road. It will be easier for them to avoid some possible mistakes.

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