Jaden Garza Nomad Internet

When Jaden Garza started working on the concept for Nomad Internet, he first observed that the internet in RV parks, particularly in rural areas, was at best unreliable.

Jaden realized that most people who had accepted the nomadic life of comprehensive RV homes while remote working found that it was, at best, tough to do so while living in an area where fast internet was almost unattainable to get in parks.

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He started by giving reliable, fast internet to rural RV parks.

Still, he immediately learned the potentialities of LTE technology and began expanding his firm’s operational offerings to incorporate a broad range of cellular-based devices.

In the beginning, he provided fast internet to rural RV parks.

Now that he was untethered from RV parks, he could provide travelers all over the country with high-quality fast internet access that was limited in scope.

After the early months of the COVID-19 disease outbreak caused closures and remain-at-home orders, many laborers noticed that not only were they capable of working from home but that they were able to work from almost any location that had a dependable internet service of satisfactory value.

This realization came after the initial months of the pandemic.

Because of this, the company could swiftly expand from giving internet access to a few RV parks to giving internet service to nomadic RV households that desired their own fast internet connection that was limitless in scope.

The company had just reached the 5,000 user mark towards the end of July 2020, when it surpassed the 10,000 user mark in October of that year and then surpassed the 20,000 client mark in July 2021.

This rapid development was made possible by the firm’s loyal clients.

They could take advantage of high-quality internet access that had a cell signal nearly everywhere they traveled.

After installing their second RV park, Jaden Garza established a line of products and services predicated on cellular systems.

The park, situated in Seguin, Texas, offered terrible internet access for a rural area if any service was available. In July 2017, just one month after Nomad Internet was created, the park requested that the company’s services be provided.

Upon coming to the realization that there was no alternative method to increase access to the park via conventional means, Garza set out to build a creative approach centered on the technology of LTE.

Jaden started the process of developing a new product and service that could potentially achieve even better outcomes after the park discovered outstanding achievements and incredible high internet service.

This realization came after Jaden noticed the true capabilities of the technology after the park discovered incredible fast internet service.

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