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 Hassan Jameel explains the goals of ALJ and how the automotive industry is changing

Hassan Jameel helps run his family’s business Abdul Latif Jameel or otherwise known for short as ALJ. The business focuses on digitization strategies and is based out of Saudi Arabia. Hassan Jameel is the one responsible for integrating the company digitally and sparking innovation in the company. Jameel believes data is the future along with digitization. ALJ has been in operation for over 75 years and can be found in 30 countries. Jameel’s grandfather founded the company and named it after himself back in 1945. He chose to pass down the business to his kids, one of which is his grandkid Jameel. His grandfather led a successful career in the automotive space and owned some Toyota distributorships. Today, ALJ works with companies in more sectors like healthcare, finance, energy, and mobility. The company plans to improve by hiring knowledgeable individuals in science and taking on more technological advancements. One of these is machine learning. Machine learning can forecast a lot of information, plan inventory, and help save a company money in the long run. Interestingly, Hassan Jameel studied in Japan and uses some of the Honshu practices when it comes to his business career. He attended Sophia University in Japan and worked for Toyota’s domestic marketing division. Learning more about the company’s culture, he remembered the ways of the Kaizen, something central to what Toyota is all about, and that is improvement and development. Jameel sees digitization as a natural improvement like kaizen. Another central idea that Toyota holds on to that he picked up is genchi genbutsu, a saying that means “real location, real thing.” The saying basically means it is essential to witness things firsthand in-person rather than not. This is why ALJ still does much of its work in-person. Hassan Jameel confirms the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people purchase and find information about vehicles. Remote viewings are now available along with online data that give people more of an idea of what they are buying before they see it in front of them. The Jameel family also predicted the rise of electric vehicles and invested in a US electric vehicle manufacturer over 10 years ago named Rivian. ALJ will continue to invest in new technology and predict new trends going forward.

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