Democracy, Haiti

Georgette Mulheir’s passionate plea for Haiti’s Democracy

Defend Haiti’s Democracy (DHD) is a human rights organization founded by Georgette Mulheir. Its key objective is to seek international cooperation to end violence and restore democracy in Haiti. Haiti continues to face a grave political crisis threatening to ignite brutal dictatorship. Violence, says Georgette Mulheir is severely meted on Haitians to silence them against calling out the massive injustice perpetrated by especially politicians in collaboration with gangs. The common atrocities being rampant kidnappings, massacres of Haitian’s, as well as coercing children into crime and violence.


These inhumane events have further resulted in an aggravated humanitarian crisis that goes unnoticed by the global community. Crime against humanity is on the rise due to the lack of functioning democratic structures in the country. According to Georgette Mulheir, the current president is still in office despite his term lapsing in February, 2021 further causing a gradual erosion of democracy in the country. In order to defend and preserve Haiti’s democracy, DHD is appealing to the international community to take full cognizance of Haiti’s multiple crises. Restoration of democracy and the rule of law in Haiti, Georgette Mulheir points out, demands full-range support and cooperation from the international community to put an end to systematic human rights violations and facilitate a peaceful transition of power. Will you join DHD’s campaign to support the Haitian people in their quest for peace and justice?


About Georgette Mulheir


Georgette Mulheir is the founder of Defend Haiti’s Democracy. She is also a frontline global expert in advocating for proper care and protection of children. In addition to that, Mulheir is a renowned Global Strategic Advisor on transforming systems of care. Her experience in this role spans 30 years in over 33 countries working closely with the international community, donors and governments. Georgette Mulheir has been working tirelessly to compel governments and international influencers to stop institutionalization of children. Through her advocacy for children’s rights, she helped pioneer a model of transforming systems of care adopted by most governments globally. Georgette Mulheir trains both global professionals and politicians on the application of these models. Her efforts have received several international accolades including the UK’s Charity of the Year Award as well as a Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award. She has also authored several books on children’s and women’s rights.