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Dr Abdulla Al-Humaidi, Outstanding Performance with his Companies

Since Dr Abdulla Al Humaidi established the KEH in 2008, his growth in the industry has been exemplary and admirable. His impeccable leadership has enabled integral relationships that have yielded successful business ventures. His companies are diversified into different sectors in the industry, including hospitality, tourism and football. Abdulla Al Humaidi and his team have directly played an integral part in achieving its set goals. The company boasts of many portfolios which have grown immensely since their establishment. Through its prominent grassroots in Kuwait, the company has focused on medical offerings through the MeDcorp holding company.


It offers support to the Gulf countries. According to Abdulla Al Humaidi, they have the A-Fouz Investment Group in Kuwait, which has divulged consultancy, especially on areas touching real estate and assets. Through its other expansions in countries like London, the company has also dominated part of the market by providing financial advisory through Armilla Capital in London. Dr Abdulla Al Humaidi has also identified himself in hospitality through the London Resort, which attracts thousands in its backyard due to its sophisticated decors and modern arts. 


KEH also enjoys dominance in the sports arena through Ebbsfleet United Club, which has its bases in London. The club continues to make strides, and Dr Abdulla Al Humaidi is happy with the coming season. The doctor turned entrepreneur and established his business contacts in Egypt, Singapore, and Hongkong through various sectors. Abdulla Al Humaidi plans on other major mega moves for KEH as it continues to thrive in the industry. Dr Abdulla Al-Humaidi is a doctor earning his credentials from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland.


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