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Business Insurance Tips From Hauser Insurance

Hauser Insurance informs entrepreneurs that a business insurance policy protects both your company and its employees. Insuring your company is a vital part of this process; it can help with anything from covering potential losses after an accident or disaster happens right on to insuring against the risk of going out of business altogether if you fail as an entrepreneur.

Whether you’re a startup, an established business, or a family-run enterprise, if you’re considering different types of business structures for your company and want to consider the pros and cons of each one, it’s important to know the terminology.

When you’re thinking about which types of coverage to purchase, Hauser Insurance advises one to think about:

  1. General liability covers claims made against the company.
  2. Commercial auto that covers injuries or property damage from an auto accident.
  3. Workers’ compensation helps cover medical costs and other expenses incurred on the job.
  4. Property insurance. It protects your buildings, inventory, etc.

Hauser Insurance also advises that it is important to review your existing policies periodically. While they may provide some coverage, they may not be sufficient if you experience a major loss. Also, there are some situations where an insurance policy may not provide enough coverage, for example, if you throw a dinner party at your business.

If you want to grow your company or start up a new one, you should think about consulting with an insurance agent or broker. This person is likely to be familiar with the various types of business policies available and can help you find suitable coverage. It is also important to talk over your needs with them – after all, no one is better informed about your business than you.

“Knowledge is power. Power to avoid the costly mistakes of other businesses like you.”