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 Alfons Hörmann recap

Alfons Hörmann is a German businessman and sports official who has been the President of the German Ski Association (Deutscher Skiverband, DSV) and was also President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund, DOSB). Here he discusses the future of German sport.

  1. A change in the way we consume sport

Hörmann says that there will be more sports events available on television and in the digital space in the future. He cites the example of Formula 1, which is accessible to a broader audience than ever before. “The same will happen with sports in Germany,” he predicts.

  1. Infrastructure for professional sportspeople

Alfons Hörmann sees opportunities for professional sportspeople when there is a much greater focus on fitness and nutrition. He cites German tennis player Michael Stich as one example, who has benefited from his performance at high-level tennis tournaments with a new contract from Nike. As an example of how things can change quickly, he cites how recently it was possible to see that German tennis player Alexander Zverev had signed a contract with Adidas.

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  1. The role of sport in the digital space

Due to the digital revolution, it is more important than ever to be innovative and creative. “Sport is one of the most important agents to help people become more creative,” Hörmann says. He cites a new initiative by German football (soccer) club Schalke 04, which uses virtual reality to help prevent injuries in training.

  1. The role of sport in society

Hörmann says that sport is essential for German society since it contributes to the image of Germany around the world. He cites the success of German tennis star Angelique Kerber, who won the French Open.

Alfons Hörmann sees a strong future for the role of sports clubs and federations in Germany, which can identify trends and act quickly to make the most of opportunities. He adds that “we have a lot of work.”