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 Alfons Hormann explores the future of German sports

Germans love sports. What’s more, Germans are also very competitive. So, don’t be surprised by the sentiments recently shared by Alfons Hormann when discussing the future of German sports. Hofmann has surprised fans and critiques of German with his opinions, which appeared on Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung; one of the most read periodicals in Germany. Many people claim Hormann’s sentiments are a worthy read, especially since he criticizes government officials and politicians inability to recognize the significance of sports, while it has a direct effect on people’s health. Also, note Alfons Hormann shared shares insights into the possible future German sports six and a half weeks before his official resignation as the DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation) president. Find out more information:

state of affairs of German Sports

One of the things Hormann attested is the condition of school sports. The outgoing DOSB president said that the shocking state of school sports, accompanied with bureaucracy slows sporting activities in schools. Hormann also gave Germany’s chancellor a swipe. What’s more, he predicted the poor performance of Germany’s team in Tokyo summer and winter games. In addition to taking a swipe at the chancellor, Alfons Hormann also put some blame of the current state of affairs of German sports on various top-ranking officials at the Federal Ministry of the Interior when he stated that German Sports will be successful in the coming decade if government officials don’t interfere with the sports.

Hormann didn’t get into the specifics in his allegations of the involvement of government officials in Germany’s sports scene. However, many of the professionals involved in sports policy formation in Germany and the professionals in the German Sports Federation agree with Hormann’s sentiments. Also, note that one of the top officials in Germany’s in the Federal Sports Ministry agrees with Hormann’s analysis of the current state of affairs of German sports.