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 Alex A Molinaroli Explains the 3 Most Effective Career Development Skills

Career development is one of the most challenging tasks in the business world. It takes time and commitment for one to move from one rank to the next. The former Johnson Controls (JC) CEO, Alex A Molinaroli, has had an incredibly successful career journey. Alex boasts over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, serving in various capacities. His robust industry experience makes him a considerable resource to many upcoming executives. Molinaroli recommends the below career development strategies to anyone aspiring to get to the top.

  1. Creating International Professional Networks

One of the most effective ways of establishing global networks is organizing international business trips regularly. Alex A Molinaroli argues that visiting different countries enables us to interact with various people. He adds that sharing enough time with them lets one understand their tastes and preferences. Business trips also allow us to learn and appreciate many cultures. Molinaroli says that the knowledge acquired facilitates the development of better strategies, leading to business growth and prosperity.

  1. Embracing Teamwork

Alex explains that being a successful team leader calls for more than the conventional tactics already in practice today. Alex insists that the first step to succeeding is to be part of the team. One must closely work with every team member and value their inputs. Molinaroli says that we’re gifted differently, and putting all the talents in one pull can push a company to the next level. Alex blames most corporate failures on executives who choose to rule their followers instead of leading them. Ruling causes frequent disagreements, thereby stalling the organization’s progress.

  1. Having a sales-oriented Mindset

Being an excellent salesperson is one of the surest means of becoming a successful corporate leader. Alex A Molinaroli credits his extensive leadership prosperity to the previous sales roles he undertook. He stresses that having a solid sales background enables us to develop powerful listening skills. Additionally, a sales mindset makes us perfect negotiators, which is healthy for business. Alex learned to be a good listener from his father, who championed authenticity at all times.

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