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8VC and Lineage Announce Alliance to Advance Supply Chain Innovation

8VC and Lineage Jake Medwell today announced a partnership to advance supply chain innovation. As part of the alliance, 8VC will provide more than $3 million in funding to support Lineage’s efforts to democratize access to data-driven insights for enterprise companies. This is an important step in creating transparency around global sourcing and production.

“We are building an ecosystem to track the origins, quantities, and contents of goods from a single product code,” said Jake Medwell. “Over time, as more information is collected on this data-driven platform, we will be able to show how each supplier affects every part of our supply chain.”

Lineage’s unique technology allows companies to easily visualize and take action on key data points, such as which suppliers are the most responsive or in need of improvement. “We’re excited to work with Lineage to help bring supply chain transparency into every business,” said David Langstaff, partner at Eight Partners. “As a firm that invests exclusively in enterprise software companies building for large enterprises, we see the opportunity for Lineage to have a transformative impact on their customers.”

“We’re proud to be working with Lineage as they build a powerful, data-driven platform for supply chain transparency,” said Scott Kriens, partner at Eight Partners. “There’s never been more pressure on companies to deliver sustainable and ethical products.”

Lineage and Eight Partners will jointly execute an aggressive go-to-market strategy to align with enterprise companies globally. The partnership is a critical step towards creating the supply chain transparency ecosystem that tracks goods from a single product code, allowing for future insights into the quality of production and key data points.

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