What Makes Lime Crime a Different Type of Beauty Brand

Lime Crime is a phenomenally different type of makeup brand. Unlike many companies on the shelves today that seek to please everyone and make the largest amount of sales possible, Lime Crime has always prided itself on catering to the few and to the unique. They call their followers Unicorns. Lime Crime doesn’t have buyers, consumers or fans, they have followers that are as dedicated to their brand as ever.

This was the goal for founder and current creative director Doe Deere. She has always expressed herself very creatively and today she is a known fashion icon. She sports bright looks that not only entail her makeup, but her wildly colored hair changes on an almost daily basis to express her varying moods and looks. She is fiercely loyal to her vision for Lime Crime and never strays from that original vision.

Lime Crime took a different approach to how they would do business when found Doe Deere started the company just a few short years ago. Instead of starting with branding and sales targets, they started with finding out what their future fans really wanted. They started with a strategy that combined social media and digital marketing to reach people who were looking to express themselves through the power of makeup. This is still their philosophy today and they dedicate a large section of their website to showcasing how fans use social media to show their #LimeCrime looks. This is a huge move for a beauty brand as people feel close to a brand are likely to become continual buyers and fans for life.

LimeCrime also shook up the beauty world by using a new technology that allowed people to see digitally how a lipstick shade would actually look on a real set of lips and not just with a swatch of color.

With its new line of Polly Pocket style eyeshadows, called Pocket Candy Pallettes, Lime Crime is again showing that they will continue to innovate and make beauty products that appeal to their unique Unicorns and not to the masses, even though they have become far more mainstream in the past several years.

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