What are Gordonstoun and the Duke of Edinburgh Award

When it comes to preparing kids and teenagers to enter the real world, there is a lot of debate on how it should be done.

One idea of education that seems to be influencing more people in Britain and around the world is the Duke of Edinburgh award.

This award is closely tied to the Gordonstoun School in Scotland.

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Both are shaping the future of education and were explained in an article from Neoconnect.

The Gordonstoun school was founded and took its name from the historic estate on which it sits upon.

Gordonstoun was founded in the 1930s by Dr. Kurt Hahn, a doctor from Germany whose education taught him the value of both knowledge and experience.

After having to abandon a previous school founded on the same principles due to the rise of the Nazi party, he moved to Scotland.

Here, he tried to establish a place where children could obtain a practical and full education.

One of his first students was the Duke of Edinburgh.

This education had a profound effect on the Duke’s life.

Therefore, when Dr. Hahn asked for assistance when increasing the program’s size, the Duke provided full support.

The teaching methods of the school educated thousands of kids a year on their grounds.

It also has branch schools that participated not only in the U.K. but all over the world.

One of the greatest benefits is that students may receive the Duke of Edinburgh award, which is given for excellence in multiple areas of the school’s education.

The Gordonstoun school focuses its education in two separate, but intertwined areas.

One is that it focuses on providing students with deep knowledge of multiple subjects to determine their future.

The second is that this deep education is paired with a strong practical lesson for outdoors Manship and survival courses.

This wide variety of subjects helps to make students aware of the various paths they can take in life.

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