Wengie Gives Us The Straight Scoop With Draw My Life


Showing off her extreme love for everything kawaii, the YouTube Personality known as Wengie recently brought to life her story through the “Draw My Life” trend using a cute anime style known as chibi. Letting her impressive level of pep seep through the paper and explode vivid illustrations of her life story that starts with her four year old adventure into the foreign world of Australia to live with her parents after spending her infant years with her grandparents back at her native country. Having successfully managed to earn herself a whopping 76,000+ amount of likes for her creative video, Wengie brings that adorable voice to the speaker to vocally explain her cutesy illustrations of what happened to her to bring her to where she is today. Siting sweet anecdotes from childhood like that of trying to eat the clouds and sucking on rice as a baby because she liked the taste but not the food, Wengie uses simple black lines on a white board to express herself in a clear and direct fashion that is much like how she is on a general level at all times through out the lifetime of her impressive YouTube career where the bubbly and vivacious young woman oddly has become the face of youth despite being 31 years old herself which is quite a curious number considering her baby smooth skin, big and bright eyes, and her willowy features! Wengie’s Draw My Life episode on her YouTube channel is getting a lot of buzz and it’s no surprise why, with that lively personality and her kawaii obsessed nature the YouTube star is a worldwide sensation of whom everyone seems to be head over heels for. The ten minute long video is an excellent opportunity to finally get the official scoop on the beauty guru and life hack enthusiast who as always has found a unique manner of connecting with her fans to show that she’s just another human like anyone else who can sometimes be a bit of a dork… which only makes the lot of us fall to loving her even more!

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