Troy McQuagge Receives One Planet’s Gold Award in the CEO Category

Troy McQuagge made news headlines for bagging an award in the category of chief executive officer in 2016. The chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group received public recognition thanks to his hard work and commitment to growing the company through diversifying its portfolio and extending services to a larger client base in the U.S.


While giving a speech of appreciation, McQuagge stated that he was excited and intensely elated for the positive public recognition because it was a testament to his commitment to providing better healthcare packages. He said that the award was sufficient proof of his work and it showed that he is respected in the industry. Troy also added that he was receiving the award on behalf of his hard working team. That was because Troy believes that he would not have won the award without the assistance of his staff. It, therefore, goes that the team behind excellent services was also recognized for executing talent and determination in offering sound advice to clients who want to purchase medical insurance. Troy ended his speech by appreciating the panel and promising to continue to deliver affordable as well as reliable healthcare plans for the people of America.

One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards are yearly public recognition awards offered to different people in different industries across the world. The awards give a positive public recognition to individuals who the panel of judges finds very enterprising. These awards are open to every person in the world. They feature different categories in product and service delivery. From marketing, communications, health care, management industries, the One Planet Awards are indiscriminative. Depending on who qualifies in the nominations, the awards focus on motivating service providers in all categories of work.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge cuts across as an entrepreneurial career corporate executive. The avid entrepreneur comes from Panama in Florida. Troy is an alumnus of the Central University of Florida. He has thirty years experience in sales and insurance marketing. McQuagge’s career began at Allstate Insurance Company. This was in 1983. He later left to join UICI, a student insurance division. Two years into UICI, he was elevated to president of the insurance department of UICI called UGA. Click Here for more.

When UICI changed names to HealthMarkets in 2006, McQuagge led Agency Marketing Group, ICUI’s agency, in acquiring high yearly premium sales. The profits exceeded $1 billion. Under Troy’s leadership, AMG was named the annual best seller of insurance packages in 2007. Stevie Awards presented this recognition in addition to Selling Power Magazine.


Troy is the current chief executive officer of yet again, an insurance services company. He has resiliently continued to offer affordable insurance packages through the USHEALTH Group. His charisma and experience in offering affordable and reliable insurance plans for Americans are an exemplary leadership quality to business prospects. for more .



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