The Team at EOS get rave Reviews for their new Vegan lip Balms

Evolution of Smooth recently introduced a new line of lip balms. In keeping with the company’s focus on delivering products that meet the needs of today’s consumers, the new line contains balms classified as vegan. This was accomplished by eliminating the beeswax found in most other types of lip balms. Unlike the company’s other lines this new line currently features two balms that are completely colorless. This is why they are called Crystal balms. The current balms in this line are available in flavors of hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid.

When the founders of EOS first started making their balms they decided to take an approach that would make their products stand out from all the rest. They discovered that they could accomplish this by changing the container and making the balms more sensory appealing, view more here. Their orb-shaped container was designed to fit comfortably inside the palm of the hand. The balms themselves were created to address the senses by coming in a variety of delicious flavors made with natural ingredients, which also gave the balm color. Although the round-shaped container became an instant hit, the company decided to make the the containers for their new crystal line appear a bit more futuristic.

The design of their containers and the visual appeal of their balms are not the only differences found in the products made by EOS. They also address the issues people have with keeping lips moisturized and hydrated, refer also to The balms available in their active line are made with sunscreen to help protect lips during prolonged exposure to the sun. Their medicated lip balm contains ingredients that help relieve the pain associated with dry chapped lips, while at the same time helping to heal them. This balm combines the cooling properties of chamomile with the healing properties of cocoa butter and Shea butter.

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