The Power of EOS Beeswax-Free Crystal Clear Lip Balms

Most people who have tried EOS lip balm have loved it, except those avoiding the ingredient, beeswax. EOS recently released its Crystal Clear products, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. They are made without out beeswax and thus are their first officially ‘animal-free’ or ‘vegan’ products.

Not having allergies or social objectives to using products with animal by-products hasn’t kept most EOS products from flying off the shelf, but so many are simply curious. What’s the big deal? Having used the products with beeswax and loved it, I’m curious about the difference the vegan crystal clear product brings to the market.

Voila, its wax free, but it still accomplishes the same goals, my lips are soft and conditioned. They are touchable and smooth, just like the original opaque EOS lip balm. The lip balm flavors and smells are just as delectable or maybe more so as the original line of flavors. Hibiscus Peach is to die for, but it’s hard to select a favorite because I also love the Vanilla Orchid. Both smell nice and taste great!

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Not having eaten flowers before, I didn’t know that hibiscus and orchids are both edible flowers, but I became curious when I tasted the EOS Crystal Clear flavors, refer to Both flowers are eaten by the discerning few. I didn’t know that in many countries, including the U.S. state of Hawaii, hibiscus are a regular part of the diet and that orchids are often candied and used to decorate cakes. After, tasting Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla orchid, officially tasting the flowers is on my to-do-list.

The Evolution of Smooth may have really started something remarkable in the world, not only have their customer discovered the power of the beeswax-free lip balm, but the wonders of eating flowers may be a natural side effect of the craze, view now!

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