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Tax Liability, a Complex Business Transaction solved by Hauser Insurance

For a company with tax issues that not yet discovered by the taxation authority, a tax liability can be used as security, warranty or representation to cover the business. Representation and Warranty Insurance play different roles from Tax liability Insurance.

In the coverage by Representation and Warranty Insurance, unknown risks are all excluded, while Tax Liability Insurance covers all the unknown dangers. The tax liability insurance commences where the representation and warranty insurance stops.

Tax Liability Insurance covers a wide range of risks that the company can incur. The coverage areas include additional M&A Transaction Usage, offsetting or replacing special warranty, acts as a pre transaction purchase during a merger, and deferred compensation.

In addition, the tax liability insurance has customized schemes for all its customers. The differences experienced in costs, terms, and some exclusions depending on the coverage chosen by the customer will determine the extent of coverage.

To get such benefits and more, Hauser Insurance Group provides such solutions. Hauser Insurance Group is a privately owned company with its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company was started in 1971 and has various risks management, employee benefits and insurance solutions available to a diversified customer’s coverage.

The Hauser Insurance Group deals with family-owned industries, multinational companies and publicly traded retail companies. The area of specialization of Hauser Insurance Group is on private equity firms managing their portfolios and acquisition of subjects.

The insurance firm focuses on giving the maximum result for its clients. The results achieved by the customization of an individual company and their needs. The company can recommend to the companies the appropriate products, the mergers that are bound to be successful and any other transactions made by the company.

The competence and diligence conducted by Hauser Insurance Group provide immense benefits to employees and companies.

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