How OSI Group is Expanding Its Presence and Offerings

Have you ever wondered where the meat and snack foods you eat come from? What company supplies the stores you shop at, and the fast food restaurants you eat at with their food? If you live in the US, chances are they come from OSI group. OSI provides some of the best quality processed meat and snack foods, but they don’t do it alone. In the past few years, they’ve acquired a few companies that have helped them expand their business to Europe – Baho Foods and Flagship Europe.

What is Baho Foods?

Baho Foods is a Dutch company that makes convenience foods, deli meats and snacks for food service companies and retail stores. They focus on poultry and roasted poultry products, poultry meatballs, They also make fast food items such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, and hot dogs. They serve end consumers, wholesalers, and the foodservice industry.

What is Flagship Europe?

Flagship Europe is a company that supplies frozen poultry, sous vide products, pies, mayonnaise, sauces, and dressings in the UK food service market.

Why did OSI Group Purchase these two companies?

OSI Group purchased Baho Foods and Flagship Europe so they could expand their presence in Europe. The brands they work with and products they offer complement OSI Group’s current processing strengths and allow them to serve their customers’ changing needs. Baho’s companies serve 18 countries in Europe, and Flagship Europe primarily does business in the United Kingdom.

What impact will the purchase have on these companies?

OSI Group’s acquisition of these two companies will allow them to expand their presence in Europe and expand their offerings. The CEOs of Flagship Europe and Baho Foods are optimistic about the mergers and feel their companies will benefit from them.

That’s just a little information on these two companies and the impact their respective mergers will have on all three companies. It will be interesting to see the effect the merger has on all three companies.

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