OSI Food Solutions: Changing the Meat Packaging Game

Competing in the meat packaging industry is no easy task. Goliaths of the industry swallow up continents and produce so many tons of meat that it seems to be daring to even attempt to settle in your niche. Of course, it’s made easier by the world’s obsession with meat. Obsession is an understatement; the world consumes a quantity of meat each year that exceeds expectation. The 7 billion plus humans on earth eat 75 pounds of meat a piece. That’s a lot of meat.

One company is seeking to disrupt the Goliaths of the industry and make a name for themselves in the meat processing industry. OSI Food Solutions is making some key plays in the European market as an attempt to bolster their status throughout the world.

One of these recent acquisitions was that of Baho Foods. Baho Foods is a Dutch manufacturer of deli meats and convenience foods. This acquisition for an undisclosed amount saw OSI Food Solutions swallow the deli meat giant, giving them leverage in European markets. Baho has five subsidiaries which net them factories in Germany and the Netherlands. Germany and the Netherlands are both key strategic European locations not only for selling meat but also for networking.

This isn’t the only major acquisition that OSI Food Solutions has made in Europe. OSI absorbed Flagship Europe — now Creative Foods — a provider of frozen poultry products, sauces, fillings, and pies. Creative Foods supplies these products in spares to businesses in the food services market across the UK. Of course, the UK is obviously a major market, but this purchase also gives OSI something important. It gives them an increased brand portfolio. OSI lives and breathes in the food services industry. Having more products means covering more aspects of customers needs. I mean after all, why let a customer buy their pies from another company when they could buy them from you?

OSI Food Solutions is showing how making key acquisitions in the European market can help a company compete against Goliaths. OSI is now high on the list of the Top 100 Food Companies and meets those Goliaths they have been competing against on the board. Smart acquisitions can significantly bolster profits, leverage portfolios, and create large networking branches.

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