End Citizens United Conducts Poll in Colorado Primary

The End Citizens United Decision reinforced the controversial idea that because corporations are people, they have all the same rights as people. The supreme court decision led to the Hobby Lobby decision and will likely lead to other unpopular rulings from the supreme court. End Citizens United campaigns to have congress overturn the decision. The organization promotes candidate and has been active in the 2018 midterm elections.

A poll commissioned by the organization may have an effect on one Colorado Primary. Both Levi Tillerman and Jason Crow are running against the five-term Republican candidate in the district, according to 9news.com. Mike Coffman currently holds the seat and has ran unopposed in his party’s primary. Tillerman focused on the dissatisfaction many Democrats feel with their party’s establishment. Selecting Hillary Clinton over the populist candidate Bernie Sanders. Some Democratic analysts believe that Hillary Clinton is the only Democratic candidate who could have lost to Donald Trump.

Crow currently leads by 5 points. If Tillerman drops out of the race, it means that Crow runs unopposed for his party. It also sets the stage for the final political confrontation in November. Tillerman planned to wave a ride of anti-establishment establishment into a congressional seat. Donald Trump rode the same wave of anti-establishment settlement into the White House in 2016.

The primary goal of End Citizen’s United is to reform campaign finance laws. The organization backs candidates who support campaign finance reform, and it regularly backs candidates who support the return of the McCain-Feingold law. Members of the organization want to end the influence of powerful corporations on the United States political system. Democratic candidates at all levels of government frequently cite this as a problem in America politics, although neither the House nor the Senate takes action to change the current campaign finance laws.

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