Eric Lefkofsky is Impacting the Oncology Department

Cancer is a disease that is causing sleepless nights to people in all parts of the world. Experts from all over the globe have been working day and night so that they can assist the people who have been diagnosed with cancer. According to medical professionals, there are more than sixteen million adults who are living with various forms of cancer. Medical professionals have made a lot of progress in the recent times, and they have managed to cure a great number of individuals. The number of new cancer patients is currently expected to increase. Medical professionals say that the only way to deal with the medical condition is to make sure that it is detected early. People who realize that they have the disease when it is in the last stages have a tough time finding a cure.

Many healthcare companies have been started with the main aim of introducing better cancer treatment options to the people with the medical conditions. Tempus is an institution that was brought into the cancer department several years ago. The institution was founded by one of the leaders in the corporate world, known as Eric Lefkofsky. The experienced business leader works as the founder and president of a leading company known as Groupon. The hedge fund manager has a lot of expertise in the market, and he has managed to bring up the most successful company in the United States.

Several years ago, Eric took his wife for a medical checkup after realizing that she had a tumor in one of her breasts. The businessman realized that the wife had breast cancer. Doctors in the country were doing their best to identify the best cancer treatment so that Eric’s wife could get cured and live a good life.

Eric was shocked that medical professionals had not embraced technology in their daily lives. These medical professionals could not use the data collected in the past because they did not have the resources. Eric decided to start Tempus with the main aim of changing the lives of cancer patients in the community. The organization has been very successful in its operations.

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