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Summary of social entrepreneur and author Miki Agrawal

The article from The American Reporter gives an overview of what female entrepreneur Miki Agrawal has done in her career. She has partnered with Mindvalley to provide a blueprint on how to start a successful business. The virtual platform will include information on creating, promoting, and launching a company. Any entrepreneur, at any level, can take a part in it. In her course, she presents to entrepreneurs that they need to be passionate about their mission and put together a successful team. Successful entrepreneurs should also be honest and use a working marketing plan. Social media, advertising, and the like are essential to running a prospering business. Miki Agrawal has even put together a free 75-minute long masterclass to give people a taste for building a successful company.

The entrepreneur loves what she provides with her “Zero to $100 Million” program. She is grateful to Mindvalley for helping make it happen. Agrawal’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur was anything but ordinary as she worked as an investment banking analyst and later pursued professional soccer for the New York Magic. She also recounts how the events of 9/11 changed her mindset. After working as a video producer, she chose to open up a gluten-free pizza place called WILD in 2005 that turned out to be successful. Miki Agrawal is also recognized for creating two products with Thinx underwear and the TUSHY attachable bidet. Aside from being an entrepreneur, the businesswoman is also a published author. Agrawal has published two books with a third on the horizon. Her two books are “Do Cool Sh*t” and “Disrupt Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman.” The social entrepreneur loves teaching others what she knows and strives to spark positive change in the world.

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