Social Issues Remain An Interest For Betsy DeVos

Like most of the population, I am well aware of major business people taking an interest in different philanthropic issues like the role Betsy DeVos has played in many different areas for social issues in the past and present. Over the course of recent times I have become increasingly aware of the role Betsy DeVos has taken up as the leader of a number of different charitable groups and the fact she has been the figurehead of the education reform movement across the U.S. Even though Betsy DeVos has been a key figure within the Republican Party in her home state of Michigan I have been impressed with the way she has looked to cross party lines to make sure school choice and school voucher programs are in place in both red and blue states across much of the U.S.

A major question I have always considered when well known people look to aid the community is how they have become involved in a particular social issue; in the case of the role Betsy DeVos has played in the education reform movement I received an answer from many different interviews Betsy has given explaining why she is so concerned with educational opportunities across the U.S. I was impressed to hear Betsy DeVos had not entered the education reform movement seeking to simply look good in the eyes of the community and press, but had instead attended a number of schools during her own children’s education and become concerned about how schools were educating students from various different community groups. Betsy impressed me with her understanding of the fact children from low income school districts were often limited in their choice of school to an under performing location where they had little chance of achieving success. Pushing for education reform has since become a passion for Betsy DeVos as she seeks to assist parents and members of the community in having a greater say in how their children are educated; school voucher systems that allow children the chance to attend private schools have been an area Betsy has championed for a number of years as she hoped to level the playing field for all children to have the best possible start in life.

The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has always been willing to back philanthropic options that interest the couple, including an aviation based charter school Betsy believes is the first of its kind to be established in America. The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a charter school with the mission of providing an education for all children who have an interest in joining the aviation industry, Betsy DeVos founded the school in honor of the love of flying her husband has held since he was a child.

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