CEO, SextPanther

Sexting with SextPanther

The adult entertainment industry is a booming one. Yet, entertainers face a number of challenges when trying to make the professional a respectable business. SextPanther aims to bring a solution to the problem.

What is SextPanther?

Unlike mobile apps that allow texting as a form of chat, SextPanther leave all forms of communication on its website. The entertainers are able to upload content they have created. From that moment forward they used the platform to make contact and interact with fans.

How Does SextPanther Work?

All users create an account. Content creators may add a little more information than fans. After the creators have an account ready, they set pricing requirements. Prices can range from $2 to $500. Fans can pay per text or by the minute for video or phone calls.

Potential subscribers can browse for free. While browsing, they are able to view creator selected pics and pricing. Should a subscriber wish to make contact, purchase of credits will occur. Those credits are used to interact with the entertainer.

What makes SextPanther Different?

Safety, privacy, and viability are three reasons SextPanther is unlike the usual adult entertainment platform. The makers of the platform strive to keep personal information from being leaked. Things like phone and credit card numbers are never shared. Fairness is prioritized. Both creators and subscribers are given equal footing in all matters related to the service. In the end, the SextPanther has given content creators a viable way to make income as an adult entertainer. SextPanther’s: Twitter.