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Robert Kraft Intention To Host The World Cup At Gillette Stadium

Robert Kraft has excellent leadership skills when it comes to handling different sports-related issues. He is also a philanthropist who has helped several charity organizations across the world. In a recent move, he decided to lead Gillette Stadium to host the world cup.

Several preparations are required before a given club can be granted the opportunity to host the world cup. The efforts made by the management team at the stadium lead by Robert Kraft aim at attracting the FIFA officials towards using the world-class sports venue for some of their games.

Gillette Stadium interest in hosting the world cup

There are few additions they would have to include to make the stadium meet the FIFA standards. Their intention to bid for the 2026 world cup aims at creating more people to enjoy the sporting activity at the club. Robert Kraft, the current owner of New England Patriot, has a good reputation for working on stadiums till they meet the desired standards to host the games. They plan to remove some of the side seats and expand the playground till it meets the required standards.

Reviving the dormant irrigation system

There were irrigation systems installed at the stadium. As a way of attracting more players to the stadium, they decided to introduce real grass. The dormant irrigation systems would be removed so that they can water the real turf. It is believed that real turf will make the stadium more appealing to the FIFA officials. The stadium had original real turf, but it was replaced with the synthetic one they intend to replace.

Planting real turf

The process of planting real turf will improve the comfort and the standards of the field. The stadium officials aim at introducing the real turf so that it can attract more players. They believe real turf will improve the quality of the playground to shot the world cup games. Read this article for additional information.


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