Dr. David Samadi to Hold a Show in Honor of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. CynaraCoomer, a breast health specialist, will be a guest on Dr. David Samadi’s show on Sunday, October 15. As Dr. Samadi promised to keep the show trendy, the episode will focus on breast cancer October being a Breast Cancer Awareness Month (sometimes shortened to BCAM in the US). Dr. Cynara is the go-to professional regarding breast health and the diagnosis and treatment of benign tumor as well as cancerous (malignant) tumor. Dr. Cynara who currently works at Northwell Health Staten Island University Hospital has had a successful career as a breast surgeon. Previously, she worked at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. Cynara was the force behind the establishment of the first Comprehensive Breast Center on Staten Island. She is also passionate about creating breast cancer awareness.

Dr. Samadi’s show focuses primarily on prostate health as well as men’s health, women’s health, sexual health and emerging issues in the medical field. The show will stream live on Samaditv.com every Sunday starting at 12:30 PM EDT. Viewers of the show have a chance to ask questions via a telephone call or email. Dr. Samadi and his guests strive to answer questions during the show, and unanswered questions will be responded to after the show.

Dr. Samadi who currently works at Lennox Hill Hospital is a former colleague of Dr. Cynara. He acknowledges her efforts in mitigating breast diseases. While at Lennox Hill Hospital, Dr. Cynara had a cordial working relationship with her colleagues including Dr. Samadi. She states that she is glad to be reunited with Dr. Samadi in advancing breast cancer awareness and other related topics.

Dr. Samadi who is Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital is known to many as a celebrity doctor. Apart from his current show, Dr. Samadi hosted “Sunday Housecall” on Fox News Channel for five years beginning on 2011. On March 2015, he launched “World Health News,” a radio program on New York City’s am970. All Dr. Samadi’s programs including his blog are tailored to enlightening the public on various medical conditions and how best to handle them.

Dr. Samadi left Iran (his native country) for the U.S in 1979 following the Iranian Revolution. He completed his high school education in the U.S before joining Stony Brook University where he attained a degree certificate in biochemistry. Since then Dr. Samadi has continually improved his knowledge by attending various colleges and universities.

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Vegans generally commit to not using meat-based products including wool. Lip balm with a vegan flavor is a very big, and new invention. According to usmagazine.com, this lip balm has ingredients that allow others who have not previously been able to use the Evolution of Smooth, brand. The EOS brand of lip balm is one that is known for their unique, round dispensers. You can now see through your lip balm to your lip product. The EOS vegan flavor is now organic as well as animal by-product free. A vegan product is defined as not having any beeswax.

Vegan crystal lip balm flavors are sold out, according to the EOS Instagram page. The price is $5.49 a package, read more details here on blogwebpedia.com. The product sold out in one day as a result. Many other lip balm brands are generic-looking, without being interesting, and wound up bland tasting too. A big help for EOS was that celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, and Miley Cyrus needed to buy the lip balm, and couldn’t fill their expensive purses fast enough. Hibiscus Beach and Vanilla are available here on allure.com.

Orchid are the flavors of the moment, all of which are wax-free. EOS comes in a colorful ball that opens up and is not tested on animals.

Discover more here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


Scott Rockalge Uses 5AM Ventures To Grow The Health Sector

Entrepreneurs continue to indulge in business with most of them seeking for a role model that will offer guidance in business.

With different businesses taking new dimensions, it is essential to have one. Scott Rocklage has a beautiful career life that can inspire some of these entrepreneurs.

The man is described as unafraid of taking risks but urges entrepreneurs to only, invest, in calculated risks. Rocklage inspires many in the field of investment. He is defined by his strength and focus when it comes to putting resources to useful dockets.


Rocklage became part of 5AM Ventures in the year 2003. He was a partner later in 2004. This was the start of his growth in the company. For three decades, he has been an investor. It shows the level of experience he has. Rocklage’s investment deals are locked in the health sector. He is a leader and an excellent executioner in management.

His works reflect in his ability to facilitate the FDA approval of drugs.From Omniscan, Teslascan as well as Cubucin, Rocklage is highly regarded for tremendous input.


In work experience, Rocklage was initially a chief executive officer for Cubist Pharmaceuticals. His roles were linked to general management. He was the core decision maker. Rocklage garnered experience as a leader. He merged the staff to arrive at the set objectives.

Following his perfection in leadership, he was promoted to a different level in another organization. Rocklage joined Nycomed Salutar. He was not only the president but also the head cheerleader. At Relypsa, he was a board member. He initiated the making of important decisions. His works were upheld.


Presently, Rocklage works at Rennovia , Cidara as well as Kinestral. He is the board chairman. This explains his ability to lead in different departments and levels. At 5AM Ventures, he chairs critical decision making based on investing in the health sector. Until now, he has contributed to the expansion of the firm.

He was recently in an interview with IdeaMensch. He stated that his business is science generated and motivated. He looks at key areas that need science to succeed. By investing in science, he is sure that the world receives positive energy through revolutionary machines.

Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

Scott M. Rocklage, PhD


Going To Napa Just Like A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Napa Valley is well-known for its wine. This area has the best lands to grow grapes. The Traveling Vineyard states that Napa is much more than just that. They recommend that people should move away from the path taken by tourists and explore the nascent beauty of Napa. Hence the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide does a lot more in Napa than just drink wine.

The Napa Art Walk is for those who appreciate 3-D art. The Napa Art Walk exhibition is a highly popular event as the creative minds from all across the country come together. There are some breathtaking sculptures for all to see. This is the place where people can buy something too. Some part of the money being made here goes towards funding the future shows.

The Napa Valley Historical Society is another place recommended by the Traveling Vineyard wine guide. This is perfect for those who are interested in history. The place has information on all that had happened in the Napa Valley years ago. There are physical pieces available that reflect Napa’s past. The place organizes tours and lectures by the local historians. This will be an enriching experience for anyone that cannot be forgotten ever.

The Olive Everything is to be seen too at the Round Pond Estate. The Traveling Vineyard wine guides say that the fertile grounds of Napa are good for growing the best olives. The Round Pond Estate is producing world-class Mediterranean olives by making use of old-world methods. They produce traditional olive oils along with craft oils. These contain spices, herbs, besides flowers, or fruit. A fine selection of vinegar is also available here. There are guided tours hosted at the olive mill to explain the entire production process of these oils from the start.

Napa is big on cooking too. Hence a Cooking Class is recommended by Traveling Vineyard wine guides at the Silverado Cooking School.

After all, food and drink would always go together. The perfect combination is always sought after. The Silverado Cooking School will help in polishing up the culinary skills in order to produce a delicious meal. The institution has the famous Chef Malcolm de Sieyes to provide training on basic preparation methods as well as advanced culinary techniques. For more info about us: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Traveling-Vineyard-2 click here.

The dish prepared can be enjoyed at the end of the day.

In the end, Traveling Vineyard wine guides recommend relaxing at the Auberge Spa to rejuvenate.

Greg Secker Highly Successful Forex Trader, Philanthropist, and Speaker

Greg Secker is one of the most famous English businessmen based in London, England. He has found fame and success through his expertise on Foreign Exchange and financial trading. Greg Secker is an internationally recognized on Forex and has also written several books on the niche, including Financial Freedom through Forex, The Book of Success, and Trading Your Way to Success. Throughout his career span, Greg Secker is attributed to founding some of the most successful companies in the niche of financial trading, which includes SmartCharts Software, Learning to Trade and FX Capital. As a philanthropist, Greg Secker is also well-known for the foundation he runs, namely The Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg Secker recently gave an interview to Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine, where he mentioned that he has always been a go-getter. He believes that there is a tremendous potential of earning money and securing financial freedom by trading smartly in Forex, and he has transferred the knowledge he has gained in the field through the different ventures he has started overtime. In the interview, Greg said that even though he studied agriculture and food sciences at the University of Nottingham, he jumped into the world of finance because of his flair for computers and understanding of coding. Greg Secker said that he was quite geeky during his college days and used to code a lot that helped him secure a job at the Thomas Cook Financial Services, which opened the door to the world of currency trading and Forex.

Greg Secker said that hanging around a lot of traders helped him understand the trading strategies pretty well, which he transformed into software for financial trading. Greg Secker said that while working as a coder and designing Virtual Trading Desk for financial trading, he understood how things worked and started trading as well. The profits he made after that helped him understand the core principles of how to achieve success in the world of finance and Forex trading, which he lives by till date. However, he retired from trading after achieving generous success, but he continues to motivate and train others through his training programs and as an authority speaker on the niche of Forex.


EOS Lip Balm Review- The Revolution of Evolution

How have we survived without this delightful sphere of smell good happiness? Okay, so it’s not about survival, but it is something that delights all our senses. Let’s be honest; it’s the little things in life that make us happy. Based on usmagazine.com, co-founder Sanjiv Mehra and consumer packaging guru Jonathan Teller set out to create a product that was different from the rest. During their consumer research, they found that women are their most significant demographic, jump over to read cool review. Knowing they had their work cut out for them, as they had to compete with other trailblazers like Chapstick, Carmex, and Burts Bees. They managed to re-shape the lip balm industry in a way that makes you wonder how you ever got along without this bright, little ball of feel-good, that. During an interview, Mehra said, “We had to do it in a way that was not gimmicky so that it would stand the test of time,” “We had to make a product and a package that would be seen as useful for a very long time.” More great stories to read here.

EOS has become a staple lip balm for a lot of people. All of their products are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and gluten-free, with best-in-class ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, and antioxidant vitamins. They leave out the things that consumers try to avoid – such as parabens and phthalates.

EOS continues to delight us with a variety of products. They have seven different product lines of lip balm! How awesome is that? And, let’s not overlook the fact that they have hand and body lotion, and shaving cream. These little things in life make us feel good. So, indulge yourself.

Discover more exciting details here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.


Michel Terpins Should be Your Bet to Win this Year’s Brazilian Cross Country Championship in the T1 Category

Few things are more satisfying in life than doing what you love for a living. Growing up, many develop a strong love for fast and powerful cars. Unfortunately, most of this individuals end up having careers that have nothing to do with cars. However, Michel Terpins is one of the lucky few who does. He is one of the most accomplished and versatile rally drivers in Brazil. He has driven in many rallies across the country and has on a number of occasions experimented with different categories. Now aged 40, he seems ready to take his professional rally career to the next level.

Currently, Michel Terpins races in the T1 prototype category. He previously raced in the motorcycle category, even going on to make his professional debut in 2002 in one, before switching to cars. He has slowly built up his mastery of the T1 category over the past years and has been greatly helped by his improved vehicle – a customized T-Rex developed by MEM Motorsport. This vehicle offers him speed, power, easy-handling, durability, and reliability. After having used the car for four straight editions of the Sertoes rally, he finally took first in his edition during the just concluded 2017 edition.

Michel Terpins is also fortunate to have the experienced Maykel Justo as his co-driver. The two have been friends for a long time but have only been working together for the last two years. The undeniable chemistry between the two was on display during the Sertoes Rally where Justo guided Terpins through the long and gruesome marathon stage without any glitches or mechanical troubles. It was the smooth run through this section that allowed Terpins to develop a lead over his competition and eventually go on to win the rally.

With his elder brother, Rodrigo Terpins also a rally driver, Michel Terpins never lacks in support and advice. The siblings are part of the renowned Bull Sertoes Team. The team is supported by a number of reputable brands including Motul, Xaria, Motul, 100% events and Bull Sertoes. Additionally, the team receives mechanical support from the MEM support team.

How Don Ressler is Driving Fabletics to New Heights

While the smiling and youthful face of Kate Hudson is the well known face of Fabletics, sitting behind the helm are tech style gurus Don Ressler and his partner Adam Goldberg. The two own TechStyle Group LLC, a digital centric fashion brand that owns several successful subsidiaries.


Don Ressler is known as a bit of a pioneer in the fashion landscape, often choosing to go digital first and to place the most emphasis on business pivots based on online data rather than on in store purchases.


When Don Ressler founded Fabletics in 2010 he wanted to do something completely different – throw out the retail playbook if you will. There is one staple mission behind Fabletics that has brought the success the brand has seen today and that is an undeniable and unrelenting drive to truly meet the wants and needs of their customers. It is for that reason that Ressler worked tirelessly in the early years to put together countless focus groups and surveys to see exactly what women were looking for in fitness gear before ever launching a product on the market.


The results of those focus groups showed one unmatched result and that was that women wanted to look good and express their personal style while working out and they wanted to do that in pieces of clothing that fit and held up. There was a large gap in higher end names of fitness gear for women at the time that was either poorly fitting or way overpriced. At the time a new pair of leggings was about the equivalent of a car payment and even after dropping that much money, buyers were left with a piece that was unoriginal and had no personality for the individual.


Ressler worked to meet customers in the middle by solving the issue of complexity when it came to fitness gear. He merged great clothing pieces with affordability through a membership model and hence Fabletics went to market.


Don Ressler changed all of that with Fabletics and today he couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of all that hard work. He blended affordability with the power of putting digital first to create what is a quickly growing empire. In fact, Ressler and the Fabletics team recently announced that they were continuing to expand their product line to offer a line of fitness clothing for plus sized women. Their goal is still to help every woman feel and look great while working out and by offering a plus size line Fabletics will continue to do just that.

NuoDB is Revolutionizing Cloud Technology with SQL Database

NuoDB is changing the way we work with data. Traditionally, large companies would need to dedicate full teams to manage the millions of pieces of data that are generated each and every day and to store them in more conventional ways which came with limits to the capacity it could hold. With the advent of cloud technology we seldom see the issue of a lack of storage space but as with any new technologies there were some bugs to fix. This is where NuoDB and their SQL database comes in. The SQL database allows companies the ease of storage found in the cloud with the reliability of a more traditional database. NuoDB has found a way for their SQL database to scale up as the amount of data that it processed. Typically, as more data was added to a database it would slow down when large amounts of data were processed at once. By having database that scales up with increasing data, businesses can now gather information more quickly and continue to increase productivity year after year. With companies like NuoBD developing technologies like their SQL database there is no doubt that cloud based data storage is the way of the future.

OSI Industries Continues Its Steady Expansion

While most shoppers and diners don’t actively think about where the food they are eating is coming from, it is very important to know. It is also important to have more information about the companies who deliver food to supermarkets and restaurants. Among a field of food production companies, OSI Industries stands apart as a leader. OSI is centralized in Aurora, Illinois but does business all over the globe. They serve their clients with a range of food options but focus heavily on protein related products.

President David Mcdonald and CEO Sheldon Lavin, together, lead the privately held company into the future as it serves food options to 17 countries. Recently, OSI acquired a Dutch company named Baho Foods in its European expansion. The company also bought Flagship Europe, which will now have new opportunities to serve its clients with pies, condiments, and frozen poultry. On top of this, OSI is looking into new expansion possibilities in Germany and Spain.

While OSI Industries is expanding internationally, its main focus is to continue its excellence in offering a spread of services and food options to its existing customer base. In a recent move, the company acquired a closed down Tyson Foods plant in Chicago, which will allow it to serve the local community better as well as the entire U.S.A. After the purchase, OSI offered many of the employees jobs with their company, so they didn’t become unemployed. OSI attributes its amazing growth to the fact that it always pays attention to local customer base and their needs. In short, if OSI’s customers in an area prefer natural and organic foods over other options, that is exactly what they give them. If they want cheaper options instead, they serve them those options.

OSI Indsustries is a one of the top 100 companies in the United States according to Forbes, and it has over 20,000 employees on its payroll. At the current time the company is worth over $6 billion and it has been serving people quality foods since 1909. Their dedication to sustainability and improving the local environment in the communities they serve has helped them to stay on top in a very competitive industry. OSI is extremely active in monitoring the food it serves and even plays an active part in overseeing how some of their products are grown. Looking ahead into the future, OSI is very optimistic as the CEO and president of the company prepare to expand even more.

OSI Indsustries’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/OSI-Group-106191179472361/