Newswatch TV: Helping others get ahead in he business world.

Getting ahead in the business world these days can be very difficult. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Using every resource that a person has will determine failure or success. This includes companies that can be utilized to promote and market products. This type of asset has been shown to work wonders and there are many of them that help cultivate success. One company that is especially good at helping other companies promote and advertise their products is Newswatch TV.


Newswatch tv is company that specializes in marketing and promoting other companies’ products. The company was created in 1990 and was first a show centered around financial dealings. In no time at all they decided to start doing tech reviews and quickly became successful at it. The show contains editorial and paid segments that are all directed to promote products. The show has three hosts Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges and Michelle Ison. Newswatch has received positive critical reception and several awards such as the Telly and Marcom awards.


Many companies have teamed up with Newswatch over the years like Saygus. A company that manufactures cellphones. They hired Newswatch to make reviews for their new cellular device and air them on tv. Newswatch is broadcasted on national tv and so the review was seen on nationwide. In recent years Newswatch has created online venues and the review was displayed here as well. Newswatch was so dedicated to doing a good job that they traveled to Barcelona to make and film review segments at the Mobile World Congress.

The result of Newswatches work was impeccable. Saygus and its Indiegogo campaign exceeded their targeted amount by a lot. They raised over 1.3 million dollars and pasted their goal by astounding 300,000 dollars. The review done by Newswatch tv did its job and promoted the product to a high amount of success. Saygus is now further ahead in the world of business.


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