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CellR4 is a medical journal of the cure Alliance which was established with a major purpose of dealing with medical research as well as knowledge on medical skills which include; medical regeneration, differentiation, cellular repair, and reprogramming. The Cure Alliance Institution is responsible for dealing with the development as well as the discussion of new treatment. Through their experts, the journal publishes and distributes advanced treatment, clinical trials as well as new discoveries. Another responsibility that CellR4 has is to share information on international collaborations, as well as opinions papers regulatory issues, legal as well as ethical issues. The medical expert who would wish to view on CellR4 articles can visit their website for more information. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at

Doctor Mark Holterman is a pedetriatic and a surgical professor at the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. Dr. Mark can well be described as an innovative creator who thinks out of the box. Many will also refer to him as an opportunist who takes and makes use of every chance presented to him. Dr. Mark Holterman is the mastermind behind Miriam Global Health. Mark had a humble background and was raised in Wisconsin farm helping his father around his construction business. The farm boy was determined to achieve his dreams and goals in the medical and healthcare sector. In 1976 he got confirmatory for the Yale admission committee and alter he was chosen and enrolled. Mr. Holterman went ahead and joined medical school where he graduated with honors in 1980. He was lucky to win a scholarship in the Medical Scientist Program and he moved to UVA to study his Ph.D. as well as MD. View Mark Holterman’s Linkedin profile.

Dr. Mark Holterman is an expert in the medical field and has a vast experience in clinical medicine as well as scientific research. He established Miriam Global Health Fund to advance the transformative and the unsettling ideas of his friends into a unique healthcare advancement. He is passionate about the advancement of the healthcare industry and he has continued to support organizations which deal with stem cell therapy, oncology, medical devices, and reformative medicine. Mr. Mark is married to a scientist wife and together they are blessed with two sons.

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