Malini Saba Shows That Woman Can Be A Powerful Force in Business

I am always impressed by strong women who rise above their challenges and do something great with their life. Such is the case with South Asian’s most recognizable philanthropist Malini Saba. As the chairman of Saban, her career and history are impressive, to say the least. She does a great deal of work with at-risk women and children. She uses the Global Investments in Women platform, a company she started back in 2001. It was the former United States President, Bill Clinton, that inaugurated her to her office. She is striving to bring legal empowerment and health care to impoverished women around the globe.

In reading her daily routine online, I was humbled. Saba gets up at 5 am every morning to have enough time to get things done. However, one of the most important parts of her morning is her daughter. She not only gets her ready for school, but they walk together to and from school each day. She leaves at 7 am for the commute to the school and her office again at 3 pm to pick her up.

I admire her for making the time for her child even though she is so pressed for time. I can’t get my two children out the door without a major catastrophe each day, let alone walking them to school. Saba says that this time is what they use as their special bonding time. They talk and laugh the whole way. It just shows that a woman fighting for woman and children has her priorities in line.

As a busy, business professional, she attends many meetings each day. Malini has made a rule that a meeting should never go over the 45-minute mark. Meetings that go over this mark are abruptly halted. She feels that anything that needs to be said can be done within this time frame. During these meetings, she is not one who is going to skirt issues. She takes the bull by the horns and is not afraid to tackle the tough issues of the day. Some say this is why she has gained so much notoriety in her short tenure is due to her ability to push through resistance. Malini Saba is one woman I admire greatly.

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