Louis Chenevert – An Incredible Success Story from the Corporate World

Louis Chenevert is a businessman of Canadian origin. He is the former CEO of UTC (United Technologies Corporation), which is a huge US-based multinational conglomerate that is focused on research, development, and manufacture of advanced technology products. Chenevert also worked for 14 years at GM in the role of the Production General Manager. In 1993, he joined the Pratt & Whitney Canada Company and became its president after only six years. The position of UTC’s chairman was attained by Chenevert in 2006 and he stepped down from this position in 2014.

A year later, he joined the Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division in the role of an Exclusive advisor. His position included targeting opportunities in the aerospace and industrial sector.
All of this showcases a rich and diverse career that Louis Chenevert managed to create for himself over the decades. Among his CV, the time as the CEO of UTC was especially important for his professional development. Here, Louis Chenevert managed to create a legacy based on high standards and some amazing feats that were accomplished during his management. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Affiliate Dork.

Here, the Goodrich acquisition stands out in particular – after a whole year spent in negotiations, he managed to complete a business deal worth an incredible $18.4 billion. Chenevert was also able to commit himself to special projects like GTF. This pet project of his led to an important advancement in the construction of jet engines. This, in turn, led to the UTC investment into high-quality tech domains that are still one of the strongest drivers of growth for the US economy. Louis Chenevert is proud of his role in this seminal process that allowed for new jobs and a more stable business model for his company.

At the same time, his commitment was not simply to the process of making a profit. Chenevert was a CEO that understood the need for creating environmentally friendly and greener designs of the company’s products. This is the reason why he was determined to make this one of the key selling points for all of their new products. These reduced the environmental footprint made by the company. Speaking in terms of numbers, this led to the fact that the emission of greenhouse gases was cut by 26%, while the factories and plants took down their water consumption by 53%. Under Chenevert, the company established an environmental standard that applied to all of its global facilities. Read more at Bloomberg.

The same occurred at Pratt & Whitney where Chenevert managed to support a process of innovations that led to higher productivity and more support to the US manufacturing jobs and the greater economy as well.

Finally, while investment into new tech is important, no business owner should ever forget that all good ideas come from the people working in the same company. This is why for UTC and Chenevert, supporting the employee’s ability to better them was always a key priority. Using the Employee Scholar Program, UTC has managed to allow over 39,000 of their employees to earn degrees since 1996.

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