Jose Hawilla on the Makings of a Successful Businessman

Businessman Jose Hawilla has been serving on top of the company Traffic since he established the corporation in 1980. Born in Sao Paulo, Jose Hailla has always had an interest in finance and business. He later achieved his degree in the United States of America before heading into establishing his carer.

Jose Hawilla worked in the sports journalism for about a decade. He worked at a radio stated as well as a television reporter. Over the years in the field, Jose Hawilla also worked as a presenter, commentator, producer and in the meantime, he also had his studies in Law. After graduating, he moved on to establish his business.

Jose Hailla had three business partners and together they purchased Traffic. The business used to do advertising on bus stops, but after Jose Hailla and his business partners started leading it, the corporation headed into a more widespread advertising which included stadiums and billboards. The company is now among the leaders in its line of work. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

What makes business people s successful and gives them the ability to pursue their goal? According to Jose Hawilla, it is all about staying focused and not allowing yourself to be distracted by other aspects of the process. Establishing a business and getting there with just an idea is a very long road. In the meantime, people have to work in other avenues to put their goal on the backburner for some time.

Jose Hawilla advice to never lose sight of what you are truly pursuing in your life no matter if it’s a position of your own business. That also ties in with determination. Over the course of his career, Jose Hailla has had to do many other things before reaching his goal an that has discouraged him at times. Still, going forward pays off in the end and if you stay determined than you are bound to get there someday.

Jose Hailla always mentions the hard work that goes into establishing a business. He says that it is even harder to maintain and grow it and that process also requires focus and believing your vision.

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