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InfraBuild Hires Vik Bansal As The Executive Director And CEO

Mr. Vik Bansal worked for Cleanaway, the best waste management agency in Australia. He was the CEO who oversaw significant advancement during the six years at the helm. Before joining InfraBuild, Vik held different roles across the world for the past two decades.

InfraBuild’s Chairman, Sanjeev Gupta claims that Vik Bansal understands the steel industry, and being on different boards and CEO of famous companies enables him to create value and instigate business transformation. Bansal is aligned with the company strategies, and so the InfraBuild board is happy to have his services to continue with the great work done by Dak Patel and his team.

Vik Bansal said that InfraBuild’s results, competitive positioning, and quality infrastructure encourage him to soldier on. InfraBuild has robust market demand and is so properly poised to advance the forward trajectory. Dak Patel will remain in the company as the director, and so Bansal will have an easier time managing his operations.

Sanjeev Gupta believes that Dak Patel has been a crucial element in the company’s turnaround of events. He also says that better financial results have been realized, and has established better foundations for InfraBuild’s future exploits. Sanjeev Gupta is happy that Dak Patel will still offer his exposure and commercial judgment in the company.

Patel is even involved in planning the transition, and so Bansal’s appointment aligns with the company’s future ambitions. Therefore, Vik Bansal is supposed to start working as the CEO by mid-2021, and will also sit at the company’s board reporting to the Chairman, Sanjeev Gupta. Refer to this page for related information.

Vik Bansal’s Biography

Vik Bansal became the director and CEO of Cleanaway in 2015. He has extensive exposure in different executive roles in the US, Asia, and Australia. Vik Bansal has an extraordinary track record in various industrial establishments through growth, transformation, and improvement.


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