Infertility – Dr. Jim Toner has the Answers

The struggle with fertility is a problem known to many. The issue is often times not spoken about so there are many times when people feel alone in this topic. As the years have gone by the topic has become more and more open. There is one doctor who is making waves in the fertility industry and that is Dr. Jim Toner, MD, PHD.

Jim Toner is a board-certified specialist who is currently employed at the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine. He joined the team in 2000 after a very successful career at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, VA where he was the director of many different programs. Dr. Toner received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania in 1985, which he then produced to pursue his Residency and Fellowship at the Jones Institute. Here he received the prestigious awards of Resident of the Year in 1989, an induction into Alpha Omega Alpha, and was then invited to join the highly sought after establishment of Jones Institute where he spent the last 15 years.

Dr. Toner has contributed many publications to the research of reproductive medicine. He is best known for his work with ovarian reserve and the impact it has on fertility. For these contributions he has received many awards and is a nationally recognized speaker on the topic of reproduction and fertility. He works very closely with his patients and has doctorial training in psychology which allows him to understand the emotional toll this can take on many people. He is able to provide his clients with induvial and unique approaches based on their needs.

Based on the reviews Dr. Toner has received anyone seeking medical help in fertility can see that he is an excellent choice. He receives top marks in all categories but seems to excel in trustworthiness, answering questions and explaining conditions to his clients. Dr. Toner himself is not just brilliant at what he does but he also requires his staff to go above and beyond. He knows that people are coming to him with pressing issues. His staff surpasses in friendless and creating an environment that people feel comfortable in. If fertility is an issue that is affect you or someone you’re close to reach out to Dr. Toner, you never know he may just change your life or the life of your loved ones.

Here’s Dr. Toner’s career history:

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