Ian King: Cryptocurrency never made simple

Ian King: Cryptocurrency never made simple

Ian King is a trader in the cryptocurrency trade. He is a former manager at a hedge fund. He has a vast experience in the in the financial market concerning analysis as well as the trade itself. Sites such as the Fox Business News as well as Zero Hedge and Investopedia feature his thoughts and insights about the cryptocurrency market. He is also a senior analyst in a company called Banyan Hill Publishing. He created the first-ever crypto investing product for Investopedia Academy. It was the only product of its kind. Read this article at Release Fact.

Ian King got his first job working for a company called Salomon Brothers as a desk clerk in the department of mortgage bond trading. He later worked for Citigroup bank in handling credit derivatives. He then worked at a hedge fund company in New York called Peahi Capital. He worked in the bank for ten years with his job being a head trader.

He later joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017to assist readers on the jargons related to the cryptocurrency market. Ian King is the editing professional at Crypto Profit Trader Service. This service acts as an investment advisor and provides analysis on successful cryptocurrency ideologies and trades. He also does a weekly article apprising readers of the most recent cryptocurrency developments. This is done through the Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily.

Ian King wrote a recent article about CryptoCorn and how it is shaping the business industry. He explains that some investors view cryptocurrency opportunities as a preferable method of investing. Here the barriers, which are financial, that exist in entering the trade are minimized thus the startup companies that exist start attracting a large number of investors who are willing to invest in them.

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Ian King goes further by embracing the fact that these investors invest for a small capital. Cryptocurrency investments make it easily accessible to have stake-holding that are corporate.

Ian King admits that in a short span of time many startups have gotten valuations reach the $1 billion mark. These startups are referred to as Crypto coins and many investors are eager to invest in these companies.

He says that another way of investing in cryptocurrency is by trading in the exchange personally without using a company. This is a much more comfortable method. This method has proved more profitable for the investors who trade in the Cryptocurrency exchange. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ian King.

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