How Ronald Fowlkes Has Served The Public During His Career

While growing up Ronald Fowlkes (also known as Ronnie) knew he wanted to be a Marine one day. He was finally able to join in 1989 and he served until 1993. He was a very diligent Marine and he was twice promoted. He served in the Gulf War and was stationed in Iraq. During the war he was a Department of Defense Contractor. He worked with the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JEIDDO) where he would go into combat zones and mount and dismount infantry operations. During his time in the military Ronald Fowlkes attended the U.S. Army Parachute School, the Air Naval Gunfire Liason Company, and other training opportunities. He also completed the Naval Special Warfare Foundation combat diver school which is seven-weeks long and said to be intensely grueling.

After leaving the Marine Corps he found employment with the St Louis County Police Department. He served in this department for three years before working for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for a decade. He now works for Eagle Industries Unlimited (ATK) as their business development manager. His company sells tactical gear to both law enforcement and regular consumers. Ronald Fowlkes says that his company’s products are modern, efficient, powerful, and durable. His job entails managing their sales department which as more than 150 sales professionals.

Ronald Fowlkes is now an instructor for the US Military who teaches such things as hostage rescue, evidence collection, and tactical operations, post-blast analysis, and more. He was chosen to do this because of his background in the military and police forces. While he was serving as a police officer he spent seven years on St. Loius’ Human Rescue Team (HRT). He was eventually named as the leader of this team and was selected to teach such things as tactical rifle use, defense tactics, and SWAT and URBAN warfare tactics.

While he was a police offer in the HRT the team Ronald Fowlkes was on was involved in 250 high-risk entries. These were all hostage situation and many of them featured subjects who had barricaded themselves. He was also tasked with investing crimes in violent neighborhoods in St. Louis. The cases he investigated during this time involved drug trafficking, unlawful gun possession, gang activity, and similar cases.

When he’s not working Ronald Fowlkes can usually be found doing something hockey-related. He coaches one of his son’s hockey teams and avidly follows the NHL. He has a hockey-focused blog where he reports on this sport’s latest news. One of his stories is about Henrik Lundqvist who achieved something no other NHL goaltender has ever done. This feat was having 20 wins for 13 seasons straight in a row.


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