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Haroldo Jacobovicz is transforming the universe through innovation

Born as the eldest of his four brothers, his capability to create ideas was already in the family. His parents inspired him through their professions, especially his mother Sarita, the only civil engineer in her state at the time. Haroldo Jacobovicz success journey began after joining college and intrigues of computer skills to start a company with his college friends. With competent skills, Microsystem was founded, helping many clients with inventory solutions. Though they shut it down, he learned business lessons that would go a long way in making him a better leader.

Just like any graduate, he did stints in various corporate companies applying skills learned in school. Haroldo Jacobovicz worked for Esso, an American multinational oil distributor. He worked his way to being promoted in multiple positions. Through his passion for his job, he was recognized among the best engineers before leaving the company. He later joined Itaipu binational as he wanted to be close to his family. However, Haroldo knew that he was destined for more significant impacts through his entrepreneurial endeavors. He was taken aback by the fact that most government and private companies lacked information technology and sought to fill the gap. He later left the company to find his niche in the industry.

In that capacity, Haroldo Jacobovicz took his hands on the journey to transform the industry through the inception of e-Governe with a mission to reveal the public power in information technology. Always fascinated with the ideas of putting creation together to come up with innovation, Haroldo Jacobovicz forged on from the ground with strategized ideas to build the Horizons telecom. Although the company was incepted in 2010, he has grown to be among the top-notch in Brazil. The system is a 100% fiber network with the most advanced equipment in the market. In addition, he added Horizons Datacenter to his portfolio of innovations and impactful solutions in people’s lives. He aims to aim to change the world through the acceleration of better service.

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