Fabletics Looks To Build A Historic Brand Rivaling Amazon

The Amazon brand has dominated the Online retailing industry since the company was founded in 1994 as an Online bookseller with an eye on developing an Online community of readers who would write reviews for each other to enjoy about the products purchased. The Amazon brand has since expanded to include more than 20 percent market share of the Online fashion retail sector and remains dominant in most fields; this provides new retailers with a number of options including looking for areas Amazon does not reach or taking on the Online giant head on.


Fabletics has chosen the latter strategy of taking on Amazon and seeking to dent its market share with a consistent move to create an Online community dedicated to living an active and healthy lifestyle. Unlike Amazon, Fabletics is looking to provide a more personalized service based on the ability of each potential member of Fabletics to complete a simple lifestyle quiz revealing much about which products they should be interested in after the completion of a short survey.


Data has formed a major part of the way the growth of Fabletics as a brand has been completed with a range of options opened up by the brand to create a new way of looking at members of the Site and identify their likes and dislikes. The inclusion of physical stores is just one way the Fabletics brand has been listening to its customers who often stated they wished to be able to try on items before making a final purchase. Throughout the membership period, the Fabletics brand looks to expand upon the initial survey completed by its members to ensure they have the ability to make changes to the styles of clothing liked and the activities any individual is taking part in.


From its inception, Fabletics has hoped to build a strong following of individuals who aspire to live a life similar to that of founding partner and brand ambassador, Kate Hudson. The actress who shot to fame in “Almost Famous” is now closely linked to the brand she helped launch in such a way she regularly appears on her own social media pages wearing Fabletics branded clothing. The desire to aid the company in any way possible has even led Kate Hudson to introduce guest designers to the Fabletics brand at press launches such as that marking the launch of a line created by singer, Demi Lovato.

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