Fabletics Brings Fashion to the Customer

Back in the days before e-commerce took hold as a new kind of shopping experience, women (and men) would routinely go out to store showrooms when they were in need of new clothes. Customers would spend hours driving from store to store for a chance to find clothes that fit and that were priced well. Today, those routines have been completely turned around, as the online experience takes over.


There’s no question that online shopping offers a kind of convenience that’s become quite irresistible for consumers. Today, if the ordering choices are right, the fashion comes right to the customer’s door, ready to wear. If the size or look is wrong, however, a customer can easily exchange their order for another choice. Yes, it’s pretty straightforward, and in response, the world of online commerce has become more and more competitive.


Today competion for customers online is more intense than ever. amazon.com now has 20 percent of the online fashion market, which means new companies starting out are being forced to compete even harder for those other customers. Consumers expect a lot from companies now, too, beyond the tried and true values of high quality products offered at reasonable prices. Companies today are expected to deliver unique brand messages, last mile service and incredible customer service experiences, too, in order just to stay competitive.


Fabletics Delivers For Customers


Fabletics, the e-commerce activewear line co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, is one online fashion company that is breaking through in this highly competitive market. After just three years in business, Fabletics is now valued at $250 million, which is an amazing accomplishment for any type of online company.


What’s the secret to the success of Fabletics? One aspect is the unique customer service from the line, via the Fabletics VIP subscription service. Customers fill out an online questionnaire that lets the brand know their activewear preferences, according to their specific workout style, be it jogging, yoga or other sports. For a monthly fee, customers then receive a monthly selection of activewear, curated by Hudson herself. This special level of service, along with Hudson’s involvement as a spokesperson and the affordable price point of the brand, has made Fabletics highly appealing to customers who aspire to an active lifestyle.


There’s no doubt the fashion world remains highly competitive. Yet success stories like Fabletics are definitely making a difference in this fast-paced market.

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