End Citizens United Operates Under The Guidance Of A Solid Cause

Peer-reviewed academic research hailing from the likes of an Ivy League school found that the political system of the United States of America is currently far closer to an oligarchy than the democratic republic the nation’s government has been branded as for some 250-odd years. Even former United States President Jimmy Carter has publicly remarked across news media sources that the land of the free and home of the brave – the United States – is effectively an oligarchy, considering a relatively small group of corporations, wealthy individuals, and special interest groups can spread millions of dollars across the Senate, the House of Representatives, and other government departments.

Nobody wants to live in an oligarchy unless that person is wealthy

An oligarchy is roughly defined as a government system in which a relatively small group effectively has control over a city, state, nation, or another governing body.

Although most money is spread throughout an oligarchy’s government through special interest groups – they’re more commonly referred to as lobbyists – with pocketbooks funded by corporations, some individuals are wealthy enough to make substantial contributions.

With widespread lobbying going on in the United States, the average American citizen is readily losing the power of their say.

Fortunately for the entirety of the United States of America, End Citizens United is here

End Citizens United is a nonprofit organization that was created in response to a 2010 decision made by the United States federal Supreme Court – the case was Citizens United vs. the Federal Election Commission – in which the federal government ruled that corporations were from thereon out people, allowing them to transfer untold fortunes to third-party lobbying organizations.

That case originated in 2008 after the right-leaning American political organization Citizens United forged a 90-minute movie called Hillary: The Movie, which was essentially a slam piece on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 run to be considered for the Democratic party’s presidential primary nomination.

Though Citizens United argued the work of “art” was undeniably a movie, the Federal Election Commission concluded that the slam piece was actually a campaign advertisement.

To make a long story short, the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling allowed campaign donations to come in unlimited, anonymous form.

End Citizens United is staunchly against the freedoms granted to political campaign contributors and has been since it was founded in 2015. Its name, End Citizens United, is a play on that of Citizens United.

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