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Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, Former SEC and Online Trading Academy Chief Economist, Explains Why Online Trading Academy Is the Best Financial Institution

The former SEC and Online Trading Chief Economist, Dr. Harris, recently highlighted the gaps in financial education. The professor, who currently serves as the chairperson of Kogod Business School at the University of America, asserted that most people in the financial industry use the term “education” and other similar words such as training and learning, but the quality of education differs. He affirmed that some institutions give instructions without considering the practical aspects that can assist the learners in becoming successful traders and investors. Dr. Harris believes that his passion for financial training and adequate financial knowledge resonates with the Online Trading Academy’s operations. He also asserts that other financial training institutions lack a specific aspect of financial education. As a result, they produce graduates who lack the skills required to run a business.

When comparing the financial education offered by other institutions and OTA, Dr. Harris said that OTA provides the best training. He denotes that OTA instructors use excellent training materials and strategies, which equip their learners with high-quality financial knowledge that helps them overcome the profession’s daily challenges. In the interview, Dr. Harris stated that most financial institutions lack competent instructors, so learners in these institutions don’t receive the type of education offered by OTA. OTA’s instructors use Clik, an analysis and trading platform that focuses on each trader’s trade plan. This platform has a comprehensive information base, which gives the learners all the required skills to run a business successfully after school.

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OTA is a renowned financial institution that focuses on offering training to people looking towards enhancing their financial management skills and succeed in the financial markets. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, OTA opened over 40 education centers worldwide. Throughout its last 24 years of operations, this institution has trained over 80,000 students. It starts the training by offering a free introductory session, where more than 500,000 individuals have benefited. Read More.