Class Dojo: This App is Poised to Change Parent/Teacher Meetings

Class Dojo is a mobile phone application that is designed exclusively for the classroom environment. This application is designed to foster a learning environment that encourages positive-growth in the classroom. One way that Class Dojo accomplishes this mission is by implementing direct communication between a teachers, parents, administrators and students.


Class Dojo was started in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. These two software developers were both teachers in the past. They decided to take their experience in the classroom and use it to make it into a mobile application that would assist various members within the education field.


Teachers use the app to directly send messages and videos to parents about their child’s positive behaviors and achievements in school. Parents use the app to keep track of their child. Administrators also use Class Dojo to stay current with their teaching staff. Source is


Class Dojo also offers educators a platform to provide homework and special assignments. Class Dojo even offers special content for teachers, students and parents. One of the best things about Class Dojo is that this platform allows people to communicate with each other without having to meet face to face. In other words, teachers and parents can select a time to meet over the app, to discuss a particular student’s progress or how well they are behaving in school.


Class Dojo recently received $21 million dollars in funding to help make parent/teacher meetings obsolete. They are taking this money and using it to develop a feature that will allow parent/teacher conferences to be held over the device in real time. This will help to eliminate a lot of problems with parents not showing up for meetings about their child’s education.

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This feature will allow parents, teachers and students to be able to set up a conference without having to spend a lot of time traveling back and forth. Parents who work in the evening or who cannot make it to school because of other obligations will be able to see what is happening with their child’s education.    Read related article.

The Class Dojo app currently has 2 million teachers and 30 million students registered to use its software. This application just might accomplish its goal with ending parent/teacher meetings. This app is simply headed in the right direction.

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