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Citizen’s President Andrew Frame Shares Three Fundamental Principles For A Successful Business

There are millions of success stories on the internet, but the career journey of Andrew Frame and his success is the one to consider. The president of the Citizen App, a technology-designed application that works on safeguarding and enhancing that everyone on the globe is safe, shares some fundamental tips on a successful business in the interview conducted by IdeaMensch. The software developer highlights three principles that are primary for a thriving business.

Healthy and building relationships

One of the principles Andrew Frame advocates is building associations with people of the same line in terms of visions and goals. The entrepreneur stresses that one tool that has led to the success of Citizen is the team behind him. He explains that his skilled team has been of great significance to get Citizen to its current state. He gives one of the best advices: one should always consider hiring people of higher skills that will contribute to the company’s success by giving ideas on improvement.

Listen to your customers’ opinions

Customers should be given much priority in any venture. Despite the regular duties of customer care services, one should be ready to listen to the customer’s feedback about the product you are releasing into the market. Customers’ feedback plays a very vital role toward the business growth as they act as guiding tool. Customers’ feedback enables one to identify areas of improvement that contribute to the business’s success. See related link to learn more.

Adopt to discoveries

Andrew Frame encourages open-mindedness in the structuring of the business. He says that the head should not always give ideas but rather create time and listen to other people’s ideas and opinions. Embracing new ideas from other team members helps the business adopt new trends, such as technological trends and align in them in order to fit into the competitive market.


Additional information about Frame can be found on https://www.crunchbase.com/person/andrew-frame