Drew Madden’s Success Journey

Drew Madden is a seasoned entrepreneur who majors in Healthcare IT. He is very passionate about creating reliable client partnerships. For this reason, he aims at building high quality professional teams with all he works with.

Education and Career background

Drew Madden’s career started at Cerner Corporation as a healthcare IT expert after completing his education. He chose this career as he holds an Industrial Engineering B.S.E. majoring in Medical Systems. Being a graduate of the renowned University of Lowa in Johnson County, U.S., he is competent and fit for his career. He studied at the College of Engineering.

Drew has worked with the following companies:


  1. Evergreen Healthcare Partners: He presently works here as a Managing Partner. He has held this position for a couple of months now.


  1. Nordic Consulting Partners: Mr. Madden worked for about 5 months as the president of this organization.



  1. Ingenix Consulting: this was in 2009-2010. He was the Sales Director in the region; a post he held for a year.


  1. University of Lowa as a student advisor for 96 months.



  1. Cerner Corporation as an Integration Consultant for four years.

In 2010, Mr. Madden became a member of Nordic Consulting Partners (N.C.P.). This is one of the largest consulting companies that the world has. It has received uncountable awards from KLAS .For example; it was ranked as the best in delivery of Epic implementation services 4 years ago.

Mr. Madden was promoted to the presidency of N.C.P., a post he held for five years. This was as a result of his hard work and determination. Ever since this promotion, he has worked hard to increase the number of personnel working in NCP from less than 20 to more than 700. Surely, this is a remarkable achievement.

The annual revenue also increased as soon as he started manning this group. There was a $30,000,000 increment of revenue annually. This change was perhaps seen due to the fact that he also increased the client partners by more than 140 more members.

The above is enough proof that Drew Madden has a lot of experience in management, implementation and optimization of EMR Projects. This has made him a very competent entrepreneur who is worth coping.