Doug Levitt- the Mastermind of the Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt is the person behind the Greyhound Diaries project. He started by a simple idea where he wanted to explore the lives of the poor people in the American Society. He embarked his journey and traveled by the Greyhound bus. After six months of traveling, he found the experienced quite overwhelming. He then decided to document them through a series known as the Greyhound Diaries. He has documented his journey, stories, and songs through a project that he called the Greyhound Diaries.


Mr. Levitt could have paid for a flight across the United States. However, he wanted to get a different picture of America. He knew that several people in the country were struggling to get by. Most of these people could never afford the luxury of an airplane from one state to another. The Greyhound bus was preferred by the poor people in the United States. The newspaper or media never cover most of those stories.


Doug Levitt got to hear the lives of others after he shared his story. Many people were motivated to do the same after he told them his story. He told the story of where he found his father had committed suicide when he was a young boy. The struggling Americans and the people in the lower class were also motivated to tell their stories. He continued his journey and started documenting every story. He made a final publication of the entire stories through writing, singing, and photographs that were taken on his trip. He has dedicated a web series where he shares most of the work.


By the year 2012, Doug Levitt had written many songs. He frequently performed the songs on his journeys. He has accumulated over 10,000 photos that assist in telling the stories. He has performed in different hospitals, universities, homeless shelters, and the Kennedy Center. He released the first part of the series in 2008 and another part in 2012. His inspiration and motivation throughout the journey was because he was fascinated by the stories he heard. He loved the simple lifestyle lived by the less fortunate people in the society.