The Life & Times of Eric Pulier

There are some truly amazing people in this contemporary society of today. These talented individuals posses qualities that few others have. Eric Pulier is one of the individuals in question and he has done plenty of extraordinary things throughout his life that involves technology. You may not have ever heard of this guy unlike your favorite celebrities whom all seem to get too much of the credit these days.

Eric Pulier has a strong passion for technology and his ingenuity has spawned some really great projects. As a child, Pulier always seen to stand out amongst his peers especially when it comes to being creative. In just the fourth grade he programmed his very first computer and by high school, he had already founded a computer database company. That right there further exceeds the work of most people, but this was only the beginning. In 1984, Pulier started his college career at the prestigious Harvard University. While most people his age were “living it up,” he continued to persevere with his craft. Pulier was heavily involved in school activities as he was the editor of The Harvard Crimson Publication. He also wrote a popular column for this school’s daily newspaper. Not to forget, but Pulier took even more classes at MIT around this time. By 1988, he had finally finished his studies and graduated magna cum laude. The next step would be to begin his professional career so Pulier headed off to California in 1991.

Not to get off topic, but this guy has an extensive resume of success. He is similar to the founding king as he has founded up to 15 companies during his lifetime. Service Mesh Inc, Digital Evolution, Starbright World, FLY, Akana Software, XPRISE, and many more. Having such a strong interest in technology, Pulier has invested millions of dollars into tech start-up businesses, which many have gone on to be a success. He’s raised hundreds of thousands for charity and he has invested in capital venture deals. Eric Pulier is the very definition of success, but who knows what’s in store for the future.