Andrew Rolfe’s Philanthropy Journey

Andrew Rolfe is a popular businessman and a philanthropist. His greatest gratification in life comes from helping others. He has taken part in many philanthropic ventures around coaching, education, and support.

Ubuntu Education Fund Foundation

The Ubuntu Educational Fund was formed by Jacob Lief and Malizole Gwaxula with the intention of giving educational support to school children in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. With time, the organization realized that the children needed more than just educational support; they needed healthcare, food, and emotional support. All these factors were important for their overall well-being. Upon this realization, the fund became more comprehensive to address all aspects of the children’s lives. Today, Ubuntu fund covers over 400,000 people from humble backgrounds in the community.

Andrew helps the run the Fund as Chairman. He also supervises the basic needs of students in the region. Thanks to his leadership, Independent foundations, and high-end donors give generously to towards the fund, helping the non-profit achieve most of its objectives; touching children’s lives.

The foundation uses the Ubuntu Model to guide its day to day activities. The concept behind it is clear; it’s quality over quantity. Andrew doesn’t condone restricted donations. Restricted donations are those with strings attached. For example, some donors only give out money with conditions on how the money should be spent. Some want to be involved in running the program.

In the coming days, the foundation hopes to help children at an individual level.

Andrew Rolfe’s Academic qualifications

Andrew Rolfe obtained his M.A. qualification from St. Edmund Hall. He then went to Harvard Business School for his MBA. His B.A. in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics is from Oxford University. His skills and experience in business make him the most qualified person to chair the Ubuntu Fund. Over the years, he has personally contributed more than $ 100,00 to the Ubuntu Fund.